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Freshwater Beach, Sydney. This is our Home!

Hey surf fam! James here, your wave-loving buddy, stoked to welcome you our website.

In case we haven’t hung out yet, I’m James – surfer, beach enthusiast, and yeah, I’m also a physiotherapist with a knack for training and skill development. I’m all about sharing the stoke and the knowledge, so if you’re not catching loads of waves yet, I’m here to get you on that board.

Surfing can be a wild ride, especially if you’re just starting out. But don’t let the wipeouts scare you off – I’ve set up this spot to make your surfing journey smoother, bringing in my physiotherapy wisdom to help you navigate the waves with ease.

Every wave is a new adventure, and everyone’s got their own style. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned surfer, progress might be slow, but trust me, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ll ride.

Consider this site your laid-back surf HQ, where you can drop by for tips, tricks, and the lowdown on all things surf-related. Let’s ride the waves and make some memories together!

Meet the Contributors to This Site

James Lee

Hey, I’m James Lee, the face behind this site. As a physiotherapist, my professional journey delves into the intricate world of human biomechanics. This expertise has seamlessly intertwined with my passion for surfing, offering me a distinctive lens to understand the waves.

I crafted this space to spill the beans on my surfing adventures, coupled with insights from my physiotherapy gig. Consider it a fusion of wave-riding tales and biomechanical wisdom. I’m all about sharing what I’ve learned, hoping it sparks some thoughts and maybe even helps you ride those waves a bit smoother.

Got questions or just wanna chat about all things surf and biomechanics? Hit me up anytime – I’m all ears and stoked to connect!

James’ Experience

  • 15 years of surfing experience and travelling worldwide to surf different waves.
  • Teach Surfing on Sydney Beaches
  • Living in Northern Beaches for 12 years with in-depth local knowledge.

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